News for Geeks

Do ordinary news headlines make you cringe, or just don’t seem newsworthy? Are you looking for a witty conversation to strike up the next time you’re milling around the water cooler at work? Maybe family dinner conversations seem daunting or you’re on that awkward first date and need a clever icebreaker?

Why not take a look at (just try saying it out loud – it’ll flip your mind)

A collaboration of interesting ‘tech’ related news articles sourced from around the globe which will endlessly inspire and develop your knowledge regarding online geekery (or impressing that certain someone within your peer group, family or workplace relations). There’s even polls to take part in which change daily, latest tech job postings, hot comments and… My personal favourite, ‘This Day on Slashdot’ – a comprehensive timeline of tech events that have happened on this day in years gone by.

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