Game Club

Game Club

Weekly get togethers
Monday afternoons 3-5.30pm

Who are we?

We are a collective of like-minded primary and secondary school-aged individuals who hold an interest in gaming. We regularly play, discuss, experience and engage in a vast selection of free, online multi-player video games. We build meaningful friendships and camaraderie through participating in online games with each other that often go beyond the boundaries of the Game Club.


What is Game Club?

Game Club is an afternoon activity for young people interested in the world of online interactive gaming. The target age group is 17 and below.


What do we do?

We regularly participate in free, online, multi-player games such as Minecraft as well as those found on Steam to further develop our skills and understanding of games. We continually seek to upgrade our knowledge through discussion with other members and learn new tactics to apply in our gaming. We love what we do during Game Club and are always open to new ideas, new strategies and of course, new games!


What are our aims?

We aim to:

  • Provide young gamers within the Darwin community with a way in which to meet and compete with like-minded individuals through regular meetings and events,
  • Educate and promote an appreciation of video gaming,
  • Promote greater ties between local gamers and the wider gaming community.