Use Dropbox to backup, collaborate and transfer files.
If you work between multiple computers, phones and other devices, you may find it hard to keep track of all your files.

Dropbox is a service that stores your photos, videos and documents online, and lets you access them your from any of your devices. If you currently use a flash drive to move your files around between devices, you can think of dropbox as a special kind of flashdrive in ‘the cloud’, accessible anywhere you have an Internet connection. When we use the term ‘the cloud’ these days, we are effectively saying that our files are stored ‘in the Internet’, as opposed to on our actual computer. In practice this means our files are uploaded to a server, which is generally a large storage drive owned and operated by an Internet or related service provider.

Dropbox also keeps your files safe if you lose or damage your computer, and makes it easy to share and collaborate on files with others.