Profiling and Privacy Online

Downloading, Privacy and Profiling Online

Do you use ‘free’ digital products online like facebook and google?

 They are not completely free – learn what the real cost is and learn how to remain anonymous online.

Big data…I mean


what is this data?


By far the biggest snooping and collection of data is stuff you give away freely

Look at : siren servers (Jaron Lanier: who owns the future)

why do we give away our data for nothing?

But also apps - download an app, perhaps a torch app and look at the ‘price’ (install and look)


why i deleted my facebook account

the evolution of privacy on facebook



How do they use this data?

They sell it

  • insurance companies

  • credit agencies

  • online retailers

  • advertisers

  • for later use…

  • the filter bubble

Edward Snowden

what did he reveal?

basically that the government is spying on us continuously through a variety of programs

prism / 5 eyes / etc

  • does it matter?

  • is it for national security?

Edward Snowden at a ted lecture

a future without secrets

privacy anonymity and all that

personalised advertising (face composition of models)


Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 4.26.33 pm.png

look at phone meta data, who is connected to who


Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 12.27.43 pm.png

EFFyour rights online

why would you want to be anonymous online?

for our society to a fairer more equitable and open

  • black mail

  • corporate espionage

  • control

MIT privacy online (1995)

What are the issues with a system knowing everything about you?


How to stop it (or make it harder)

It is the responsibility of every person on the internet to encrypt their data that provides the best cover for everyone

TOR: anonymous on line

How does it work?

browsers – not all are equal…

open source

  • tor browser

  • firefox

Chrome and Internet Explorer are not safe for privacy

privacy addons

downloading copyright and privacy

Is it illegal to download stuff from the internet?

If you are not the owner of the material and have not paid for it, probably yes

How do people infringe on copyright?

Many uses of technology inadvertently transgress copyright the most common  cases are listed below


Is torrenting illegal?

no, but downloading copyright material is

  • torrent clients (like uTorrent)

  • finding torrents

ripping from youtube

  • plugins

  • web services

not all material on youtube is copyright

there has been the option to use CC since 2012

where people are able to reuse and share

but you are breaking your ‘terms of service’ with google by using such things. but there has never been any action by google to curtail individuals, they have closed some sites and plugins

  • making ‘cams’ in cinemas
  • copying and giving people music / movies / series
  • making mixed ‘tapes’
  • changing format of purchased music
  • downloading an image and reusing it

How many people download illegally?

Millions of people in Australia do it everyday

Has anyone in Australia ever been prosecuted?

As of 4th may 2014, no

If it is illegal why do so many people do it?

Access to culture

Getting stuff for free

Artists aren’t really paid on services such as youtube

but it gets worse most youtube videos are uploaded by others so there is no revenue generation at all. only a small percentage of people are actually signed up to get money from youtube

It is widely accepted that people who download illegally wouldn’t necessarily buy the material, people who do download still purchase but in different ways

so some people feel they are not hurting anyone (victimless crime)

why don’t people do it?

some people are worried about being caught, others don’t know how, some are passionate supporters of artist and corporation rights, others are just more sanctimonious than others!

what is copyright?

Copyright is a legal concept, enacted by most governments, that grants the creator of an original work exclusive rights to its use and distribution, usually for a limited time, with the intention of enabling the creator of intellectual wealth (e.g. the photographer of a photograph or the author of a book) to receive compensation for their work and be able to financially support themselves.

History of copyright (how it generally is for business not for the individual)




so what is wrong with copyright?

who actually benefits…

artist revenue is extremely small unless you are in the top league

so copyright isn’t working are there alternatives or changes?


  • law reform and fair use