Community Web Hosting

The Darwin Digital Hub is helping people create their own websites.

Come in and learn how to get your very own website up and running in a few short lesson. We use the free and adaptable WordPress back end.

You will learn the basics of FTP / image creation / basic HTML as well as how to configure and customise your website to your needs.

We welcome community groups and art practitioners.  Businesses will be redirected to the BEC (Business Enterprise Centre).

We will help you learn how to build edit and maintain a website.

However - We will not do it for you! If you don’t have the patience and time, give a web developer some work and pay for your website!

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What Now?

Click on the construction site above or read testimonials below:

Success Stories & Testimonials:

Here are some of the websites we have helped to create, there are many more under construction.

fanniebay history“Fannie Bay History & Heritage Society wanted to develop an internet presence ahead of a significant Fannie Bay aviation centenary in 2019.  As we have very limited resources and had no-one with skills in developing websites, we were delighted to discover the Darwin Digital Hub and its services.  Our website now sits with Darwin Community Web Hosting and we were also able to take advantage of the excellent personalised training available through the Digital Hub (Justin the wonder man in particular). We are now more self-reliant; a couple of us now have enough skills to perform basic website maintenance and development, yet we know there is back-up when we need help.
The City of Darwin City Library Digital Hub and Darwin Community Web Hosting are tremendous resources for small community groups such as ours and we hope these initiatives can continue.” (work in progress)

quilters“On behalf of Darwin Patchworkers and Quilters I would like to say thank you for your time and the effort you put in assisting us to create our new website.
Being able to all have access and a hands on experience creating the web site with you was beneficial to each of us.
We are happy to say we are adding content, creating pages, arranging the menu and even adding some pictures.
What a great idea having a digital hub associated with our libraries. “

day2day“When I first went to the Digital Hub I knew it would be a place I would like to go and learn almost anything I needed to know about Computers.
What I learned so far is a lot about setting up a Website and maintaining a Website. I worked on 2 Websites I would like to learn more in the months to come.
I would like to start another one with my Art on it.I would like to also learn about animation. And anything else that is offered.
The staff at the Digital Hub are “experts” better that I have found anywhere and it’s a free service.
And they take beginners +.
Thank you Darwin Digital Hub.”

Justin and Carly deserve to be joint mayors in the near future for the brilliant work they have done in helping a sizeable proportion of Darwin’s population come to grips with the hurdles most of us face at one time or another as we strive to master computer procedures. Justin’s decision to work at Darwin Hub, and so ably assisted by Carly, has opened up innumerable professional and recreational opportunities to hundreds of locals who would otherwise have struggled with that tyranny of distance that isolates remote communities and leaves it’s citizens out in the cold vis a vis participating in the national debate and following trends in education, the arts and personal fulfilment. Let us salute the Darwin Hub now.

numberplateweb“Justin and Carly welcomed me warmly, further added to my emerging computer skills and most of all, instilled me with confidence “to give everything a go”.  They both motivated me to learn more and helped me feel capable and confident. I learned to set up my own website called numberplatestories to showcase the quirky personalised car number plates of the NT. Justin and Carly were supportive and effective teachers and along with learning new skills we formed friendships which have long outlived the classes.
The Darwin Digital Hub has been a ‘fun’ place to visit and the staff have provided me with a wide variety of skills for which I am truly grateful.
THANK YOU, Justin and Carly, you are wonderful at the work you do and the patience and commitment you invested in me.”

Charlottesweb (work in progress)

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 9.44.35 am“I think this is a wonderful initiative which is clearly reaching all levels of citizens.
The Hub is always abuzz.
Justin and Carly are always welcoming and happy to answer any techie questions.
Thank you from Charlotte”

sailnt“My experience with the Darwin Digital Hub was excellent. Justin & Carly taught me what I needed to know in a timely and thorough manner, taking the mystery out of the subject. This program has enabled me to try things I would not have dared in the past, knowing I have a source of good advice and help at hand.”


cathyhilder“I have been wanting to develop a webpage to promote my art practice for some time, Justin and Carly have been great in helping me to achieve this vision. Justin has been very helpful and enthusiastic in assisting me through this process. The Digital Hub is a great place and is always thriving with activity. The Hub engages people of all ages. It great to have people learning is such a relaxed and tech savvy environment. I couldn’t have done it without their help.”

“I want to take a few brief moments to express my sincere appreciation to Justin and Carly for the outstanding efforts they present to novices such as myself when coming to grips with the all-mighty and all-scary computer.Both are filled with understanding and caring for we dolts, but most noticeable of all may be their excessive level of patience, which they exhibited constantly. The professional program they represent, support and administer is outstanding and I have no doubt that it will continue to produce positive results for people such as myself well into the future.”

Some notes about WordPress

What is WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular open source (free) web based, Content Management System.

Why WordPress?

  • 22% of all new websites are created with WordPress
  • Over 368 million people view more than 4.1 billion pages each month
  • There is a large community behind it, so you can access support and find answers quickly
  • There are loads of plug-ins you can use

The steps to building your own website:

1. Deciding on a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) or Web address

In Australia the most common ones are:


You need to register your domain name at any of the domain name registration sites. Type “register domain name” in a search engine for a list.

2. Set up databases and core WordPress install
We will help you do this and while you do not have to remember or do it, it is a good idea to know the process.
WordPress is a common and easy to use web publishing tool.

3. Decide on a theme or look
WordPress comes with thousands of free customisable themes that can be used to set up and improve the appearance and functionality of your website.
There are also many websites which offer paid premium WordPress themes with additional support.
After installing we can customise:

  • colours
  • layout
  • banner images

4. Content
This is the most important, but overlooked part of community websites.
What information do you want to impart?
Some tips:

  • more is often less, do not give extraneous information
  • use graphics

5. Maintain

A Website is like a garden and will require ongoing maintenance to ensure the information on it is still relevant, and everything is working the way it should.
Keep your website interesting for visitors by adding new content and images.


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