Arduino is an open source community micro controller that can do almost anything! That’s a big claim…..but it’s true
Basically arduino is a way to move from a computer into the real world, so stuff just doesn’t happen on the screen but can turn on a light, activate a motor, take data from the world like through switches and sensors.

There is a world of projects and applications out there but we need to start with the basics. But first a sneak preview of some cool projects
Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 9.14.25 am



red-buttonThe first thing we need to do is switch on an LED, this simple task makes you break out of your computer and enter the real world
Yes go on, press the red button

We need to set up loops and make conditions


sample code (to come)

Temperature Readings

We are using the arduino to build a temperature sensor

once we get that working lets try something a little more complex

barometric pressure


while we’re on sensors!
we can also do vibration, pressure, flex and force!

here’s the led blink part 2 that we’re working on