animated GIFs:

The simplest but effective animation is a few frames made in photoshop or GIMP -¬†here are the one’s you all made in our first week:





























So GIF’s or (Graphics Interchange Format) are an internet phenomenon, with whole websites dedicated to them! A GIF is a collection of frames either drawn or taken from exisiting footage that are played one after the other in order to create a moving image. Why are they so popular all over the web? Who knows. But they are damn funny! Want to see how you’re feeling in GIF format? Click the GIF below, Select an emotion from the right hand side and see what GIF’s relate to you:

Stop Motion animation:

We also looked at Stop motion animation – also known as stop frame animation. This involves taking a single shot of a subject, then moving it just a tiny amount before taking another shot and so on until you build up a collection of frames. by running all these frame together it makes it look like our subject is moving…

We used modelling clay to create our characters, as it is easy to manipulate into different positions and also allows us to create all sorts of crazy monsters! Using tablets for maneuverability and an app called iStopmotion we managed to come up with some great animations frame by frame! The key is the more frames you take with the tiniest amount of movement – the smoother your final production will be. Check out some of your work here:

Animation 1
Animation 2
Animation 3
Animation 4
Animation 5
Animation 6 (part 1) Animation 6 (part 2)
Animation 7

Stop Motion is a great way to get into creating stories, as it can be done with almost any material – paper, clay, household objects or everybody’s favourite: Lego!

So give it a go with a camera, phone or any device that can take pictures, and edit them together to create a short film!